If you have been suffering from the same awful symptoms, like fatigue, bloating, itchy skin, acne, headaches, or any food sensitivities, you're in luck - those are my specialties. You want to lose weight? I know about that one, too. Know why? Because I've suffered from ALL of those things and eaten myself (mostly) free of them.

If you wanted to, you could go on feeling like you need a nap at 3pm every day and unbuttoning your pants after dinner every night. You could keep gaining weight at a steady pace until you're diagnosed with diabetes like 24 million other Americans, OR you could come see me.

Just remember that your symptoms didn't start overnight. They developed over a lifetime of eating the way that you eat, and the way that I used to eat. It's likely that you won't reverse these habits in one session with me - it might take a few.

Here's what I offer:
(In my office, at your home, over the phone or by Skype - it's up to you.)
  • Free Consult (15 minutes): Free
  • Initial Session (90 minutes): $115
  • Hourly Sessions: $95
  • Packages of 3 sessions or more: 10% discount
  • LEAP Food Sensitivities Blood Test: $395

    Free Consultation (15 minutes) 
    Contact me and set up your free consultation to find out how my services can benefit you.
    Initial Consultation (90 minutes) - $115  
    Intake, analysis and recommendations. This is when I get to know who you are and what your story is. I take a detailed history and ask copious questions about how you got to where you are today. We go over your daily diet, talk about things like how often you visit the bathroom and what your favorite foods are, and then I make some useful recommendations. 
    Hourly Sessions - $95 
    I'll continually work on educating you about how your diet affects your health. Using all of my training in nutrition, nutritional anthropology, traditional Chinese medicine, guided imagery and herbal medicine and cooking, I'll keep you on track, answer questions, and make suggestions for you to implement into your life right away. You may walk away from the session with any of the following tools: 
    meal plans, recipes, blood work analysis, supplementation suggestions, supplements, a list of foods you are sensitive to, and knowledge of what to eat, when and why

      Packages of 3 or more sessions: 10% discount 
      You will find out things about your diet and health in these sessions that you didn't know you didn't know. For me, looking at your diet log is like looking into a crystal ball - it's very telling. Whatever you're going through now, I've probably been there myself, so I can give you real-life solutions that you can go home and start implementing immediately. Got serious digestive problems? I can help. Want to lose some weight? Been there - I know what works. This is for you if you want accountability - a coach and mentor through a life-changing process to help your new habits stick. 
      LEAP Food Sensitivities Blood Test: $395
    • LEAP test by Signet Diagnostic Corporation
      • Tests your blood for sensitivities to 130 foods and 20 food additives/chemicals
      • Individualized ImmunoCalm™diet protocol to heal your body
    • Educational materials
    • For more information on Signet Diagnostic’s LEAP MRT test, contact me or go to:
      It's necessary to have at least one session with me when you do the LEAP test to go over your results, but I highly recommended that you eventually do at least 2 sessions with me after taking this test. I am a Certified LEAP Therapist, which means I can answer the questions that come up and support you throughout the ImmunoCalm diet. The $395 includes the test only.